English Tudor Historic Landscape Restoration

Though we do projects throughout Michigan, one of our core markets is the Grosse Pointes, a collection of 5 historic towns situated on the shores of Lake St. Claire near Detroit’s East Side that feature hundreds of historic homes & estates from the Roaring 20’s heyday of the auto industry’s great power players. Proper design and maintenance at these historic properties, with the owners that love and restore them, requires a thoughtful and delicate touch, always with a careful eye towards the past, a penchant for a bright future in Detroit, and a deep respect and admiration for the giants whose shoulders we now proudly stand on.

The homeowners recently purchased an historic Tudor mansion built in the 1920’s in Detroit’s auto industry heyday.  The house was built with time-tested craftsmanship and construction techniques that have held up well over the years. However, the same could not be said for the estate grounds, and the new homeowners decided that a renovation and restoration of the property was in order. Meticulous plant and hardscape inventories were taken and a plan was embarked upon to restore the estate to its previous opulence.  Mature trees and shrubs were evaluated for health and vigor, and preserved in all cases that were prudent.  All of the exterior garden walls and piers were torn down to some degree and rebuilt using the existing wall stones blended with hand-selected new stones where there wasn’t enough re-usable material.  All of the bluestone patios and walkways were picked up, bases repaired, and bluestone re-set in its original unique pattern.   New wrought iron gates and limestone balustrades were custom- designed and manufactured to compliment the historic architecture of the home.  Regal hedges and serene perennial gardens put the finishing touches on the restoration of this immaculate estate, which now looks as if it had always been.